Visiting London

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We run a project with a very nice group made of very different cultural backgrounds. After ID4D project we run a tour around London, visiting the most famous landmarks of the city while one of our artists run a photography workshop with disposable cameras.

A week later we went back to their house to show and give to the guys the pictures taken during the tour. They were quite proud and happy to have such a nice souvenir of their first months in London.

Here is the video they made with us.

From lovely Eritrea

Houses, News

We run a project with a group of lovely girls from Eritrea that just arrived to the UK few weeks ago. An interpreter came over to help with the project. We made a video about their dreams and plans in the future. Part of the project was to run a tour around London taking pictures with disposable cameras. They loved the city and its history. We were quite happy to see them laughing and curious about their new city!

By the way, their pictures were lovely!

2nd Session at Berwick

Berwick House, Houses

We were very busy at today’s session, we devised questions and answers that we recorded into the camera, next week we will review the footage and make animations.


Work in progress, Fright Night

Cecil House, Houses

Creating the visual for a poem that had a very dark perspective on the news, politics and how this effects young peoples life in London, which also coincided with Halloween.
A very creative and talented young person at Centerpoint both wrote and and delivered her poem; and we worked to capture the tone and intensity through the visuals.

Work in progress video experiments..