Cecil House

Work in progress, Fright Night

Cecil House, Houses

Creating the visual for a poem that had a very dark perspective on the news, politics and how this effects young peoples life in London, which also coincided with Halloween.
A very creative and talented young person at Centerpoint both wrote and and delivered her poem; and we worked to capture the tone and intensity through the visuals.

Work in progress video experiments..

Last Session at Cecil House

Cecil House, Houses

In the past 4 weeks, we have seen so much creativity from the young people during each session.

Producing great artistic pieces such as poems, drawings and spoken word pieces. It wasn’t just about creativity the young people from each session had the passion to improve the society. They want to make the society a fair and acceptable space for people, a society that celebrates diversity and fights against discrimination.

This week was the last session for this group of young people; this meant it was a chance for young people to bring all the past weeks work into life. They finally could use the 3D graphic design to create their characters. For people who weren’t comfortable with that, they had the choice of using anonymous faces. The young people were able to read out and express their poems in its distinctive ways. It was amazing to see the young people face expressions were able to be captured through the 3d character.

Speaking to some of the young people at the end of the session, they told me it was really strange seeing a computer character personating their actions; however “it’s great to showcase my work differently than the usual, you know standing in front of people” a quote from one of the young person.

This really sums up the project, an anonymous platform for young people to express their creativity of their choice.

Identity Workshop

Cecil House, Houses

A very creative session, and without a computer too!

There is no life without a family, you like me alone’ this was the quote from one of the young explained her drawing to the group. “

This session was about expressing remarkable stories through art. The young people in room had so much talent, it didn’t take long to get them going. The atmosphere in the room was full of ideas, it didn’t matter if we all didn’t speak the same language, we could truly see the power of art giving stories life.

They worked really hard to make sure their drawing matched with the character they had in mind. By the end, each one their drawings were something myself can only dream of producing.

I must say well done to everyone. I’m really inspired by your ability to produce a creative piece in short space of time.

Making Digital Masks and pulling faces

Cecil House, Houses

Today we demonstrated the software with the participants, scanning faces and exploring ideas and narratives.

There were new faces that attended today who had incredible skills in art and poetry. They also shared their experiences which  mainly focussed on their views toward political leaders. The question that kept on coming up was

‘do these politicians have any idea about issues young people are currently facing? If not, how can they possibly be helping young people to be the next leaders of the country’

This was how one of the young person expressed her view on the topic. Her voice had so much passion and anger. This question led the young people to come up with 2 poems, which gives a damming image of how these young people perceive of politicians.

Each young person was able to create a story board containing issues they discussed at the beginning of the session. Some of the young people were interested in getting experience in using the 3D design to build their faces. In particular, one of the young people found this process very enjoyable. If we had a competition, this young person would have won a prize for pulling faces!

Cecil House Session – First Session

Cecil House, News

The first week introduced the project and began a discussion that involved the young people talking about the unfair treatment they have received as refugees. They discussed how misleading stories  in the media  influenced societies’ beliefs. The young people also expressed their frustration about people’s real lack of knowledge on immigration. They shared first hand experiences of discrimination.

They were however, really positive in using this platform to help other refugees who might be struggling in settling in a new country. This is especially necessary bearing in mind all the negative media attention surrounding the issue. They are hopeful in making a difference by bringing awareness without feeling exposed.

The underline message from the session was loud and clear. They feel society shouldn’t be treating people differently, just because they have experienced real trauma, that led them to flee from their own country.

Below, some pictures about how we were scanning their faces.