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Introduction session at Camberwell

ID4D hostel series workshops is up and running in one of Centrepoint biggest hostel, Camberwell!

Initially few of young people attending the workshop were intrigued to find out how 3D graphic design can be used to discuss issues such as migration anonymously. This gave a chance for the expert Daniel to showcase previous project videos and talk the overall aims of the project.

Once young people understood the overall aims of the project and the different roles they can take part in it, some young people were happy to get their face scanned and answer basic question directly to the camera; others were just happy for their voices to be recorded.

The discussion topic mainly was surrounding migration, however this time the topic was discussed by young people who sees themselves as British citizen and not migrants. They were conflict opinions on the role of immigration and its effect to UK citizens. Few young people argued by saying migration is good thing to the UK, however some young people contested that view by suggesting due to migration UK citizen are left with very few jobs and opportunities. The discussion continued with young people passionately discussing about some of the stigma attached to refugees.

To conclude, the messages from the young people were loud and clear, firstly they believe politicians should consult the youth on immigration issues, secondly society as whole should be aware of causes of migration more an lastly they strongly argued that, as they are the future of this country therefore more work should be done in creating better education and job opportunities.

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