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Cecil House, Houses

Last Session at Cecil House

In the past 4 weeks, we have seen so much creativity from the young people during each session.

Producing great artistic pieces such as poems, drawings and spoken word pieces. It wasn’t just about creativity the young people from each session had the passion to improve the society. They want to make the society a fair and acceptable space for people, a society that celebrates diversity and fights against discrimination.

This week was the last session for this group of young people; this meant it was a chance for young people to bring all the past weeks work into life. They finally could use the 3D graphic design to create their characters. For people who weren’t comfortable with that, they had the choice of using anonymous faces. The young people were able to read out and express their poems in its distinctive ways. It was amazing to see the young people face expressions were able to be captured through the 3d character.

Speaking to some of the young people at the end of the session, they told me it was really strange seeing a computer character personating their actions; however “it’s great to showcase my work differently than the usual, you know standing in front of people” a quote from one of the young person.

This really sums up the project, an anonymous platform for young people to express their creativity of their choice.