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Cecil House, Houses

Making Digital Masks and pulling faces

Today we demonstrated the software with the participants, scanning faces and exploring ideas and narratives.

There were new faces that attended today who had incredible skills in art and poetry. They also shared their experiences which  mainly focussed on their views toward political leaders. The question that kept on coming up was

‘do these politicians have any idea about issues young people are currently facing? If not, how can they possibly be helping young people to be the next leaders of the country’

This was how one of the young person expressed her view on the topic. Her voice had so much passion and anger. This question led the young people to come up with 2 poems, which gives a damming image of how these young people perceive of politicians.

Each young person was able to create a story board containing issues they discussed at the beginning of the session. Some of the young people were interested in getting experience in using the 3D design to build their faces. In particular, one of the young people found this process very enjoyable. If we had a competition, this young person would have won a prize for pulling faces!